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GDPR Consent Form


By signing this form you are confirming that you have read our GDPR Privacy Notice (to be found on our website www.saintjohns.org.uk/) and that you are consenting to the PCC of St. John the Evangelist, Merrow holding and processing your personal data for the following purposes :-


  • To run and manage the day-to-day operation of St John’s, and to provide a voluntary service for the benefit of the public in our area, as specified in our constitution: administering membership records; managing our employees and volunteers; maintaining our own accounts and records (including the processing of gift aid applications); where required to do so by law or to protect members of the public from serious harm.


  • To keep you informed about St John’s and activities relating to you: Informing you of news, events, activities and services running at St John’s; fundraising and promoting the interests of the charity.


  • To share your contact details with the Diocesan office so they can keep you informed about news in the diocese and events, activities and services that will be occurring in the diocese and in which you may be interested.


If you do grant consent, please note you can withdraw consent to the above purposes at any time by contacting the PCC Secretary at pccsecretarystjohn@gmail.com or c/o Parish Office, 222, Epsom Road, Merrow, Guildford, GU4 7AA.   Please note that all processing of your personal data will cease once you have withdrawn consent but this will not affect any personal data that has already been processed prior to this point.